The military units in the game are all assumed to be of the standard composition of the times; that is, they are mainly composed of mercenaries who fought (usually no harder than necessary) for money, and are highly susceptible to bribes, as their allegiance went to the highest bidder.


Some military units of different composition did appear during this time, and the following three unit types represent them.  Each power may only have one special unit in play at any one time.  They can be armies, fleets or garrisons.

Citizen's Militia:

  • Costs 6 ducats rather than 3
  • Has strength of 1
  • Costs twice the normal amount to bribe.
Elite Mercenaries:
  •      Costs 6d rather than 3   
  •      Has a strength of 2    
  •      May be bribed for the normal amount.

Elite Professionals:   

  • Costs 9d rather than 3.    
  • Has a strength of 2    
  • Costs twice the normal amount to bribe.

Article courtesy of Doug Massey, Diplomatic Pouch Zine

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