Notes on rebellions:

  • If the province contains a fortified city or a fortress when fortresses are in play, the rebellion affects the city.  If there is a garrison, the rebellion only affects the province, even if the garrison leaves or is eliminated.
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    Rebellions are directed at a particular power.  They will remain in the province and/or city until they are pacified, put down or liberated.
  • Income cannot be collected from a province and/or city that is in rebellion, although income can be collected for a city within a rebelling province if the city is not in rebellion itself.
  • A rebellion may be pacified using the pacify rebellion expenditure.
  • A rebellion in a province may be put down by the controlling player by issuing a hold order for an army or fleet or garrison in the province.
  • To put down a rebellion in a fortified city or fortress, the normal besiege sequence must be carried out.
  • A rebellion may be liberated by a unit of another player moving into the province.  The rebellion is liberated immediately whether or not it is in a city.  The rebellion is also liberated if another power buys a unit in the rebelling province.
  • Any player other than the one to which the rebellion is directed gets an automatic support in moving into a rebelling province. If two other players attempt to move into a rebelling province at the same time, neither can take advantage of this support.
  • No rebellion may be placed in Venice if there is a unit there, either in the city or in the province.   
Courtesy of Doug Massey, Diplomatic Pouch Zine.