When the Fog of war (FoW) optional rule is enabled, a player can only see the units and events that are near his borders or units.

On game Edit

This is the information that each player can see, depending on the location:

Only in the areas adjacent to his own areas or units:

  • Military units
  • Unit conversion events
  • Unit disband events
  • Expense events
  • Movements and retreats only when destination area is adjacent.
  • Events related with military units.
  • Standoff events.

Everywhere in the board:

  • Disabled areas
  • Special incomes
  • Control markers
  • Disaster markers
  • All events but those listed above

Diplomats Edit

When FoW is used, a new type of expense is available (only if finances are too enabled): hiring a "diplomat".

A diplomat is placed in the board when expenses are processed, and they are visible only in its owner's map. A diplomat allows the player to see its own area and all the adjacent areas. Once placed, a diplomat cannot be moved.

The cost of a diplomat is 1 ducat if it's placed in an area controlled by the player who hires the diplomat, and 3 ducats if it's placed in any other area.

A diplomat can be uncovered at the end of Fall, after the map is generated. Every Fall, a diplomat in an enemy controlled area has a probability of 1/2 of being uncovered. This probability is 1/3 if the area is not controlled by anyone, and 0 if the area is controlled by the diplomat's owner.

When a diplomat is uncovered, an event is shown to all the players in the game.